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Happy New Year from Pathway To Purpose

We hope this year is a symbol of renewed energy, fun resolutions, and exciting personal and professional goals. Our mantra at Pathway To Purpose is, it takes a community to help our students access a quality college education. The challenges we are still overcoming will only serve to make our community stronger and more resilient.We are excited to connect with you early in this new year to detail: how we adjusted to the problems, share the solutions we created and provide you with action steps you can take to ensure Pathway To Purpose remains your #1 college and career prep partner.

The  Problem

No doubt the unforeseen pandemic has shaken our education community and put students ability to adequately receive college prep services at risk. However at Pathway To Purpose we truly believe that “every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” By choosing to innovate we have doubled down on our efforts to ensure every elementary, middle and high school administrators and families have the tools to keep college prep a priority for students.

Our Solutions 

  • Since March of 2020 we have transitioned all of our college prep, student, parent and staff development workshops to an online virtual delivery. Please view the table below to see a snippet of some of the workshops we hosted virtually and the learning outcomes.
  • Student Empowerment Gift Boxes In April of 2020, amidst the pandemic, we launched the Pathway To Purpose “College Study Flashcards”. The College Study Flashcards are 5 decks of flashcards created to help students prepare for college. The flashcards are designed to empower students, parents and school leaders nationwide. The categories include: Financial Aid, Types of Colleges, Affirmations, Entrepreneur and College Resources. We are honored to pioneer this first of its kind innovation to help elementary, middle and high school students with their college preparation at home, at school or on the go. Our goal is to ensure every student receives a SuperSet of our College Study Flashcards. Our Student Empowerment Gift Box (pictured below) includes: the full set of College Study Flashcards, a water bottle, notepad, pen, workshop materials, mug, and backpack. Each student will receive the gift box via mail!
  • Virtual college guidance counselor– Specific to high school students, we provide access to our partner online platform that enables each individual student to build out their college portfolio, conduct a college search & selection, create an individual action plan and explore possible careers interest. The online platform also provides parents and school college counselors with portal access to track student progress.
  • The 8 Steps To Series is a speciality blog providing students with impactful information around various college prep, entrepreneurship,  and social emotional learning topics delivered in 8 easy to follow steps. The blog is updated bi-weekly and is meant to be shared via email, text or even social media. If you have students still applying to colleges, please share our 8 Steps To Preparing Your College Application.
  • Scholarship Announcement– Last Friday we kicked off scholarship announcements on our blog! Updated bi-weekly, we will help to ensure seniors applying to college have an additional resource to check for opportunities to win money for college. Check out the first announcement, for a $25,000 scholarship to Howard University.

Action Plan

  • Partner with Pathway To Purpose to implement your school’s college readiness and College Access For All programs.
  • Visit College Study Flashcards to purchase the Superset or your favorite deck of flashcards for a student.
  • Share our “8 Steps To Series”, scholarship blogs and other college prep resources with your students, family members and colleagues.
  • Contact us via phone or email if you have any questions or need help brainstorming a college prep strategy for your students.
  • Follow us on all social media platforms to keep up to date with the latest Pathway To Purpose news and resources.

The Pathway To Purpose mission is to help students, families, schools, community based organizations and corporations give power and energy to education solutions. As stakeholders, we share equal responsibility in helping students meet college & career success. Over the last 4 years we have partnered together to impact 10,000+ students. Over the next 4+  years, we look forward to your support in helping to impact 1,000,000 students through our College Study Flashcards. 

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