Preparing Your College Application

The college application is your opportunity to highlight all of your hard work throughout high school. Personalizing your application to display your unique qualities is the best way to indicate how you can contribute to the college campus. Your complete application allows admission representatives to get to know you personally, academically, and professionally. Before you can successfully complete your college application, you must understand how to prepare some of the key sections. Are you ready to understand the college application process? Check out our 8 steps to Preparing Your College Application! 

1. Get Organized
Create an electronic folder (google drive, OneDrive, or dropbox) that includes all information and documents you must submit for your college applications. Creating a list in advance helps you avoid delays and missed deadlines. Also be sure to note the date you submitted your college application.

2. Review Application Deadlines
Deadlines will vary by college. Create a calendar with all deadlines to ensure you submit your application early! This is 100% your responsibility.

3. Get Your Letters of Recommendation Early
Colleges often ask for 2 or 3 recommendation letters from professionals who know you best! These letters should be written by someone who can detail your personality, skills, and academic accomplishments. Ask early and be sure to follow-up!

4. Create and Update Your Resume 
A resume outlines your  job/internship experiences, skills, and education so that a potential employer can quickly see how you can contribute to their company’s success. Be sure to update your resume at least twice a year, detailing any new experiences.

5. Tell A Great Story
Your essay is your opportunity to write a personal, thoughtful essay about a topic that is significant to you. It should reveal your best qualities, showing admission counselors what makes you stand out from other applicants. What is the best story you can share that will make your application memorable?

6. Print and Save Everything! 
Saving a copy of your applications ensures you have proof of all submitted documents. Save a hard copy and electronic copy of your application and documents.

7. Check Your Email Daily
Colleges might request additional information such as a supplemental essay or financial information. Be sure to check your email each day so you may respond in a timely manner. Create a special email folder and save every email you receive from the colleges you applied to.

8. Get Ready To Follow-up
Most colleges will send an email confirmation within a few days of receiving your application. This email may contain login information where you can eventually check your application status. Check your status periodically. Items like transcripts and test scores may take some time to be marked as received,  but if your application is not complete within a few weeks of sending all of your documents, call the college to follow up. An incomplete application will likely result in rejection.

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