Middle School

Our End of Year Review recorded 113 student and parent workshops, 149 college and career prep student counseling sessions and 6 special events. Over 2,300 College Study Flashcards and 328 Empowerment Gift Boxes were provided to students, families and staff at our partners schools.

Student Workshops

Pathway to Purpose creates a positive environment for students to learn college terminology, build confidence and gain new skills to prepare for high school and college.

What is College?

Types of College

Financial Aid 101

Preparing For College Now

Additional Ways to Pay For College

Sports Scholarship

Choosing A Major

Professional Etiquette

Resume 101

Networking 101

Developing A Winning Mindset

Let’s Talk Money

Winning The Wait

Time Management

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Student, Parent & Staff Workshops

College/Career Panel

1:1 Student College/Career Counseling

Customized Events

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Parent Workshops

Pathway To Purpose empowers parents with the crucial information needed to make an informed college selection. Parents will learn financial aid terminology and gain the skills needed to advance their child’s college & career readiness.

Preparing for College

Financial Aid

Additional Ways to Pay for College

Financial Management

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College Tours

Pathway To Purpose helps students determine if the college or university they are considering is the right “fit”. Through college trips students have the opportunity to find a place where they can learn, work, eat, and play. A place where they feel comfortable as a member of  the campus community.

**Each Trip Accommodates up to 40 students and 4 chaperones

5,000+ Students Visited 58 Colleges and Universities

Special Events

We provide our partner schools with an opportunity to customize special events to best educate and inspire students. Special events are hosted for staff, parents, and students!
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We host a number of special events including:

College Awareness Day

College Fairs

College/Career Panel

Financial Aid Fairs

Staff Personal Development

Student Conferences

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