College Prep, Anytime, Anywhere!

Happy New School Year! As the school year unfolds, we hope you are provided with the support you need to thrive!

At Pathway To Purpose, our mantra is, it takes a community to help our students access a quality college education. The challenges we are still overcoming will only serve to make our community stronger and more resilient.We are excited to connect with you early in this new year to share the solutions we created to make college and career prep easy and simply for your students and families.

No time for in-school workshops? Looking for simple and fun resources students can take home? Interested in bridging the gap in college and career prep conversations? We have the perfect resource!

Student, Parent and Teacher/Staff Empowerment Gift Boxes

We are invested in helping teachers, parents, educators, family and community members find creative ways to keep students motivated and inspired. We created the Empowerment Gift Boxes to bridge the gaps in communication between students and adults when it comes to college and career planning as well as social and emotional wellness. Each gift box includes the College Study Flashcards and fun essential items for everyday use!

College Study Flashcards
Together we can ensure that before students visit the college website, complete their FAFSA, tour the campus, or speak to admissions representatives, they are completely familiar with key terminology so they can ask the right questions and get the information they need to make an informed college decision. The College Study Flashcards are 5 decks of flashcards created to help students prepare for college. The flashcards are designed to empower students, parents and school leaders nationwide. The categories include: Financial Aid, Types of Colleges, Affirmations, Entrepreneur & College Resources.

“Technology Gives The Quietest Student A Voice.”

This past school year, we successfully transitioned all of our college prep, student, parent and staff development workshops to an online virtual delivery.We hosted 122 student and parent workshops with over 1,700 attendees!! This school year we have the same mission to continue providing our partner schools, organizations, and colleges with the same great services virtually!Our engaging, fun and easy to follow workshops received rave reviews! See testimonies!

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