8 Steps To…Having a Productive Summer

Congratulations on completing another school year! Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the sun! But it is also the perfect time to work towards your goals. College admissions counselors want to see that you are being productive and accomplishing something during your breaks. Not sure how to spend your summer? Take a look at our 8 Steps To Having A Productive Summer!

1. Spend time reading 
Whether it is an audiobook or physical copy, reading improves your vocabulary and knowledge. Reading also helps to improve your critical thinking and communication skills.

2. Sign up for courses, programs, or workshops 
Participating in a summer program can help you gain the skills and experiences that colleges and employers look for in applicants. Use the summer to explore new areas of interest or build on existing interests. Many colleges and programs are offering free or low-cost virtual summer programs!

3. Listen to podcasts
Podcasts are audio episodes, usually focused on a particular topic/theme and are available through your app store.
Listening to podcasts can help you stay informed, learn new topics, become a better listener and develop a vivid imagination.

4. Research high schools/colleges
Use the official school websites to learn more about what makes each school/college unique. While researching, consider factors such as size, location, class options, teacher/faculty to student ratio, and extracurricular activities.

5. Pick up a hobby
Being a  well-rounded person means having interests and hobbies. The right hobby should be something you love to do and find fun! Remember this can also be added to your resume.

6. Exercise (Ex: dancing, yoga, fitness, sports)
Exercising keeps you healthy both physically and mentally. It can increase your energy levels and improve your overall mood. Find your favorite type of exercise and create a weekly routine!

7. Keep Writing!
Writing can provide you with a release from the stress and emotions that build up during the school year. It can also help you prepare for your college essay!

8. Create a schedule
Having a schedule creates structure and discipline in your life. A solid plan and a schedule helps your goals become more realistic.

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