University at Albany- HSEBT

The High School for Enterprise, Business & Technology signed up for 2 Pathway To Purpose college trips this fall in their commitment to prepare students for college. Students visited Binghamton University in November and the University at Albany in December! Several students had the opportunity to visit both campuses!

Physically standing at the heart of campus, seeing the dorms, visiting lecture centers, and touring the college buildings gives students a sense of what that college feels like. For many students, the prospect of going to college becomes “real” while on a college tour. Touring a college allows students the opportunity to ask questions and imagine what it would be like to attend the college.

For students who plan to go away for college, finding a college also means selecting the place they will call home. Finding a place where they can learn, work, eat, and play—a place where they feel comfortable as a member of a community is crucial to their academic success.