8 Steps To Developing A Positive Mindset: Part 2

Pathway To Purpose 8 Steps To Developing A Positive Mindset: Pary

Developing a healthy positive mindset can have a huge impact on your daily life. A positive mindset promotes self-awareness and impacts how you show up in the world. Check out our 8 Steps to Developing A Positive Mindset: Part 2!

1. Develop A Self-Care Routine
Taking time to clear your mind can help reduce your level of stress and anxiety.

2. Set Intentions
Setting an intention allows you to live in the present moment. Repeating your intention or affirmation to yourself throughout the day can help you stay focused and mindful. It can also help you effectively develop positive thoughts.

3. Be Optimistic
Encourage yourself to believe the best possible outcome for any situation you encounter.

4. Take Breaks
Identify activities that can help you relax, de-stress, and reset.

5. Live an Active Lifestyle
Studies show that when your body is active, positive chemicals (endorphins) are released into the bloodstream that helps you maintain a positive attitude. There are various ways to stay active such as: dancing, yoga, martial arts, workout-fitness, and much more!

6. Surround Yourself with Positive People
Positivity is contagious! Spend time with people who support you, encourage positive self-talk, and provide helpful advice or feedback.

7. Get Adequate Rest
A good night’s rest can positively impact your attitude and mindset. It reduces irritability and lack of energy or motivation.

8. Embrace Laughter and Humor
Laughter overpowers negative thoughts. Remember, the only thing we can control in life is how we react. Fill your thoughts and life with optimism, laughter and joy!

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