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About Samantha Sinclair, Founder and CEO

Samantha Sinclair, Ph.D. Candidate, Founder and CEO of Pathway To Purpose provides students with the transformational academic, personal, and leadership development needed to achieve their college and career goals.

About Pathway To Purpose

Pathway To Purpose provides college prep services to middle schools and high schools which includes college tours and college workshops. We partner with NYC schools and organizations to enhance the college-going culture and college readiness.

Why Is College Consulting Important? 

  • On average, New York public schools ratio of students to counselors often exceed 300:1.

  • For some students that can mean minimal individual attention which can make the college application process overwhelming. 

Pathway To Purpose Will: 

  • Reduce the stress of preparing for college 

  • Provide a step-by-step guide of the entire college application process!

  • Identify colleges that best reflect passion, qualifications, interest and needs.

  • Explore professional options and to enhance the college portfolio.

  • Provide a calendar to help families ensure all deadlines are met. 

Workshop packages are designed to best meet the needs of your child. 

Packages are flexible and affordable! 

Hear From Samantha's Student Anthony...

Pathway To Purpose Helps With The Following:

●    Create a list of colleges of interest
●    Plan college visits and tours
●    Choose a major
●    Manage applications
●    Compose captivating essays
●    Understand financial aid
●    Money Management
●    Avoiding Adverse Credit
●    Managing Debt
●    Find Scholarships

List of Services Include:

●    High School Transcript Analysis
●     Professional Etiquette
●     Understanding Types of Colleges
●     College Terminology
●    Navigating College Websites
●    Customized College Search 
●    Extracurricular Suggestions 
●    Application Organization and Completion
●    Personal Statement Writing
●    Interview Preparation
●    Application payments & Submissions